Books Reviews:

  1. Knowing when to hold your ground or when to give in. 5 lessons from Jana Kemp’s – The Power of No.
  2. Being perfect is not a viable destination. And that’s okay. Read my insights from Seth Godin’s, The Icarus Deception.
  3. While excellence is beckoning to you, these 25 lifelong lessons from Graham Greene’s, Mastery will help turn you into a Master in any life’s vocation.
  4. Soon or later, everyone hits rock-bottom. Insights from Wole Soyinka’s You Must Set Forth At Dawn shed light on how we can press on to victory through, just trying, one more time with personal encouragement – “incouragement“.
  5. Life soon expires. What does success mean to you? Recalibrating the definition of success and thrive forward. 8 great lessons from Ariana Huffington’s Thrive — The Third Metric to Defining Success And Creating A Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder
  6. Ordinary people can become unwitting agents in perpetuating evil. The Lucifer Effects – Understanding How Good People Turn Evil shares insights on how to escape being suckered into doing what we know to be evil.
  7. Decisive project risk management in the face of uncertainties and limited information. 5 lessons from; Now It Can Be Told – The Story of The Manhattan Project. 
  8. What matters most is what you are doing right now. 17 leadership lessons from Alison Levine’s On the Edge: The Art of High Impact Leadership
  9. Protect yourself from the vile, the slippery, and untrustworthy. 6 Tips for screening out the bad guys/gals from Trust Rules – How to Tell the Good Guys From the Bad in Work and Life 
  10. Wisdom that the virtuous can use to win against the vile from When You Are Sinking Become A Submarine
  11. Tips for surviving over information – A review of Surviving Information Overload
  12. Talent to Profit – A review of The Power of Talent
  13. 3 lifelong practical lessons from How Will You Measure Your Life?

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