Offshore Nigeria (2012)

Via Abidjan (2012)

Pointe Noire, Congo (2012)

It almost happened to me!

IT ALMOST HAPPENED TO ME. (Because, it almost happened to my brother.) Some days ago, a friend sent a message on Whatsapp with a painful video of a pretty girl (who could have been any of my sisters). The hapless, helpless young pretty lady was in the hands of inhuman male tormentors. In that video,…

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The Dangers Of Idleness

What is Idleness? Idleness is from the root word idle. As defined in Merriam Webster English dictionary, to be idle means any of the following: (1)Not working, not active, not being used. (2)Not having any real purpose or value. (3)Not having much activity, not occupied or employed.   What does the Bible say about idleness?…

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A Light To Our paths

There are 1189 chapters in the Holy Bible (SOURCE: Wikipedia ) What is your reading speed? If you read your Bible at the rate of 4 chapters per day, you will cover the whole book in less than one year. Thst is 297 days (less than 10 months). Reading at the rate of 7 chapters per…

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This is 2017, “Stop Talking and Start Doing.”

Hi every one. This is my first blog post for the year 2017. How far did you go with your Goodreads resolution for last year? For me, I scored 76%. That is 38 out of 50 books I projected to read. Actually I did more than this. I really can’t list all the titles covered…

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A Celebration: By and for The Gullibles

If you check your dictionary, gullible is an adjective and not a noun. But, in the context of the subject title, I will be taking liberty to make a noun out of the adjective – gullible. What does it mean to be gullible? According to Merriam Webster dictionary on my Samsung Galaxy phone, to be gullible means:…

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Drowning in Over Information? Here are 12 Strategies to Keep You Afloat.

Book Review Title: Surviving Information Overload Author: ©Kevin A Miller Publisher: Zondervan, 2004 Written well before the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other plethora of the web’s social networks, the issues highly and effectively addressed by Dr Kevin A. Miller are as relevant today as when the book was first published. Fortunate…

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To Trust or Not to Trust? How to Know Who.

Book Review Title:Trust Rules – How to Tell the Good Guys from the Bad in Work and Life Author: Linda K. Stroh, Ph.D. Publisher: Praeger, 2007  “Thanks so much for that book. I wish I had read this book before now. Acting on its lessons, I think I would have avoided been a victim of so…

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The Power of Knowing When to say No.

Book Title: NO! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life Author: Jana Kemp Publisher: AMACOM/American Management Association Year of Publication: 2005 “” I do not know where this song originated, but I can remember singing, rhyming or hearing it sang by kids in lower classes. That was over 40 years ago. Even my kids…

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When Amazing is An Understatement.

21-April-2016 As if “everything na double, double…” has become so hackneyed, these two plantain suckers resort to dispensing with that clichéd phrase in preference for “triple, triple…” Don’t ask me if plantain suckers or any plant for that matter do have feelings. But, one thing I do know is that the Lord God Almighty can…

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