Offshore Nigeria (2012)

Via Abidjan (2012)

Pointe Noire, Congo (2012)

Let Humanity Reigns. And Let It Start With Me.

How do you typically react when you see people in distress? Do you help them or take advantage of their misfortunes? Do you just go your way minding your own business while leaving those unfortunate fellows to sort themselves out? Do you hurry along and away (as the Levite and the priest in the good…

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Whoever told you, “The sun won’t rise again.” And you believe?

I’ve been hard at it the whole day. Just got back from the power plant. The job went well. I was still relishing it and my satisfaction was full. The customer, his delight has done so much to assuage my hunger pangs. I had skipped on breakfast and lunch. Exiting the factory’s gate, I spotted…

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Fast Forward to 2018

With Praise George this weekend. Village CelebRant. Some of you have read some of the works of this illustrious and prolific writer, publisher, public speaker, entrepreneur and minister. I stumbled upon one of his books while at Abuja for a professional examination in 2015. Fast forward to 2018 and here I am, hosting the author…

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Your Life is What Your Mind Made of It.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: (Proverbs 23:7)  Book Review Title: Mindset Author: Carol S. Dweck, Ph. D Publisher: Random House, 2006 ISBN-13: 978-0345472328   The main idea of this book as expounded by the author is that our minds and beliefs determine in no small measure what we eventually achieve or become…

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On The March Again – I

No, no, no! Not the political sing song of our mid nineties, (For those of my readers who are old enough to recall that political radio “song” advertorial of years gone bye.) And so, January ended. Just like that. If you don’t start acting and working on your plan now, by the end of February,…

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Redefine Your Success And Thrive In 2018 (Eight Lessons from Ariana Huffington’s, Thrive)

  Success: What does it mean to you? How will you know if you’ve “made it” or when you will finally “make it”? Two weeks ago, I was accompanying a friend to Enugu State. At the bus terminus while waiting for the vehicle to fill-up and take-off, I decided to glimpse at one of the…

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A Persistent Dream; America Still on His Mind.

It was just two days before the last Christmas. It was getting late. Willy was engrossed mending an old big map. It was one of those huge maps that National Geographic Society is well known for – a fold-in map from an old edition of the National Geographic magazine. Several old copies of the magazine…

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What Made Your Life Beautiful In This 2017?

She was behind the steering wheel. Seated right beside her, I caught sight of this motorized tricycle (“keke”) that suddenly sped past us. Briefly focusing on the writing on the top rear side of the keke, I turned to her. “Sweetie, did you notice the writing on that keke?” Hmm, she could have only done…

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Of Compounding Improvements = Exponential Growth

Image source: Kokorevam ©Instagram I grabbed the above shot from Instagram courtesy of Kokorevam. (Look carefully, and you will see the © source in the graphic above) If a picture (non-photoshopped) is worth millions of words, then an (appropriate) equation could be worth millions of pictures (or nearly so). The math in this graphic succintly…

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