At Your Fingertips Guide to a Better Life

You already knew several of these 50 best approaches to life.

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You already knew several of these 50 best approaches to handling life.

Self Esteem

1.Self-esteem: You understand that no one is more important than you are, and that no one is less important. Click To Tweet

2. You understand that you are unique, and that you have a unique contribution to make to this world.

3. You realize that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

4. You work daily to improve your skills and self-knowledge.

5. You take pride in doing your best.

6. You promote self-confidence in the people with whom you work and live.

7. You practice what you preach; you walk your talk.


8. You adapt to change quickly.

9. You see problems as challenges and press on with a smile.

10. You’re able to take risks and deal with uncertainty.

Stress Management

11. You pace yourself (by the hour, by the month, by the year).

12. You look for ways to remove the unnecessary stressors in your life at work, at home.

13. You use your head instead of your back -you think things through and plan ahead in order to conserve your physical energy.

14. You’re able to look at a stack of work and tackle one thing at a time calmly.

15. You learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present. Click To Tweet

16. The moment you feel physical or mental distress, you take action to relieve it, so that the small stresses molehills don’t become mountains.

17. You see finish lines, rather than deadlines.

18. You understand that life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it Click To Tweet.

19. You are able to live in peace with the things you cannot change; you have the courage to change the things you can change; and you have the wisdom to know the difference.


20. You nurture your sense of humor (“No humor, no creativity; know humor, know creativity”).

21. You use your imagination to come up with new possibilities.

22. You say, “What if…?, instead of, “Yes, but…”

23. You combine intuition, experience, insight, and analytical thinking. ,

24. You find ways to make work fun.

25. You take life seriously, but yourself not at all.

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26. You are positive you look for the good in everyone.

27. You are a professional you strive for excellence.

28. You are proactive you don’t wait for a “crisis” to occur.

29. You are progressive you aim to surpass your past accomplishments.

30. You are productive you get the job done right, and right on time.

31. You are profitable you create quality products and services that help others.


32. You make good moment-by-moment choices concerning your well-being.

33. You balance work and family life.

34. You arrive at work with your batteries fully charged.

35. You give equal attention to the health of the body, mind, and soul.

36. You seek professional advice or counseling if and when needed.


37. You tap inner reserves so you’re able to keep up your morale when everyone is losing theirs.

38. You have initiative and are able to operate with little or no supervision.

39. You accept responsibility for your actions.

40. You see your life’s mission as that of helping and loving others.

Communication and Quality Relationships

41. You are able to express your ideas and your needs clearly and concisely.

42. You ask questions and actively listen.

43. You have two ears and one mouth, and you remember to listen twice as much as you talk.

44. You are sensitive to the needs and feelings of co-workers, clients, family, and friends.

45. You relate well to people with different abilities and personalities.

46. You mind your own business.

47. You are forgiving and compassionate.

48. You accept contradiction and correction cheerfully.

49. You are able to compromise and yield in discussions.

50. You are patient, kind, courteous, and considerate.

You already knew some of the handy guides. Which of these 50 practical guides are you best at? Which from among the list do you need to improve on? Some of these, you’ve been practicing with Zen like consistency. Now go out and keep on at them. You’ll live and flourish better.


Adapted in part from materials by Healthworks. 2501 SE. Madison, Portland, OR 97214

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