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Complete despite its brevity, readers of all classes will appreciate The Power of Talent. Clocking an average reading time of less than one hour, this succinct book typifies the aphorism that some things in this life have more to them than reaches the eye. In the Power of Talent, the author, Praise George explains how you can use your talents to steer you towards financial freedom. Of what use are your endowments and gifts if you cannot make ends meet?

  • Talent
    Well, we all know what that means but how many of us have profited from our innate God-given abilities? In this book, the author opines that there are two kinds of people, those who are intelligently using and profiting from their talents and those who don’t. As I read this book, I asked myself, “To which class do you belong, Chris?” From now on, and no matter your level you will definitely fare better finding an answer to that question at a personal level if you have not already done so. In these fast-paced times, the future will always come earlier than you expected. An honest self-feedback answer is a key to being financially secure when the future finally comes.Taking us through an understanding of what talent is, the author explained, using his own life and the experience of other successful men and women how one can discover and develop his talent through training and passionate hard-work. All throughout his emphasis was relentlessly on not only working hard but also on  smartly focussing constantly seeking and implementing ways to enhance and market one’s skills in profitable money-earning ventures. How do we do this?
  • Selling
    There, you have it. It is the ability to package and sell the skills that make all the difference between your struggling financially (despite your abilities and potentials) and making a success in life despite all the odds life throws at you.One chapter that resonated with me is the “Curse of The Multi-Talented”. Summarized in my own words as follows, if you are a Jack of all abilities that never discover or focus on the most promising of your talents, you will go through your entire life struggling financially despite your natural gifts and potentials.
  • Talent and Integrity
    No matter how talented you are, without integrity and good character, you will eventually be brought down. The business world is replete with seemingly unassailable leaders who were undone by their character-flaws. We all need to hear and heed the warning in the quest for the top and financial independence. The end never justifies the means.The last chapter of the book explains how you can further enhance and grow your talents with the help of mentors. This chapter was not properly developed. I hope that this illustrious and beneficially prolific writer will shed more light on this aspect in one of his future titles.

Altogether, this book packs a weighty punch despite its brevity. Putting to practice, the lessons taught will further help to bring you financial liberation if only you will put the lessons to use in these hard times.


Copyright by © Praise George, Talent Power–How To Leverage Your Talent To Become More Financially Rewarding For You, Success World Book, 2009

Praise George is a friend and a mentor. I read and wrote this review before I met him two years ago.