Dancing in the rain (literally).

Today’s heavy downpour was a much welcomed soothing relief. The rain was already on and heavy when their mum commenced the afternoon school run. The torrents were still pouring down. Relentlessly.At long last the suspended reservoir up above has filled up and now spilling over. Bye bye to all the searing oven like clinging heat of the past several weeks. At least for now. Yes, for now and for this night, I won’t be sleeping near an open baker’s oven.On her return, she phoned me at the gate. There was no umbrella at home. Briskly walking to the get to let her in, I was completely drenched before I could complete that task. She drove slowly in with the boys. Well, now that I’ve been completely soaked, I might as well dance in the rain. That’s the way I used to do it, back in the arid hills and jungles of my early teen years.She was smiling at me as she drove in. Her teeth glittering through the driver’s window, her face radiantly beaming at me dancing in the rain. The boys soon off their school uniforms and joined in. I am a little boy once again.The dance I left off over forty years ago resumed today. Dancing with my boys in the rain.