Stop it: Don’t Poison The Character of Other People

A friend for whom I had great admiration, appreciation and respects once maligned me before a respected common friend of ours. How? I find out in two ways without any effort on my part. Yes.

First, one time while at work, I was reflecting on how fortunate I was to have him as my friend. Ironically, right there and then and because of some issues that happened in our office of which he was not fully aware, this man attacked me with these words, “Among all our co-workers, you are the one that hate me most …” Needless to say that my world literally collapsed on hearing these false attributions towards me from my friend.

Second, my friend insinuated envy on my part whereas all I ever felt towards him was admiration for his boldness and courage. How did I find this one out? Our common friend started advising me on my need to, “be patient, wait for your time, and not try to strive to outshine my friend at work”. I immediately understood why all these good but unsolicited and unnecessary advice were coming up. Unsolicited and unneeded but compulsorily coming up at me all because my friend falsely impugn my character before our common friend. Every other interaction with my friend turned shallow and hollow afterwards. Needless to say, the relationship did not last very long afterwards. Bye bye.

Morale of this story, be careful of reading meanings into every action from your friends because you just might be wrong. Also, don’t fall into the pitfall of always taking others opinions about some people literally. It just might be that a character assassinator has been talking to you all this while.

Picture source: ©Twitter