The Sun Is Rising On You Too

It started raining after I have covered about four and a half kilometer. I was then about one kilometer away from home. Defying the temptation to take the shortcut back home for security and warm anything, I wrapped my phone and MyKronoz leather wrist watch inside my nylon bag. I had left home with a nylon bag for just this purpose – “should in case a flash downpour begin to descend.”

“What is wrong with this man? Why is he continuing under the rain when he could have stepped under cover and wait until the torrents stop?” It doesn’t really matter what the onlookers think or say. Or, does it?

Still on my trail, the rain stopped at about seven kilometer distance. Unruffled throughout, I finally got back home after about three hours, thirteen kilometers and three hours of my pastor’s preaching through my ear buds. It’s just well that the headphones are waterproof. I got them from Amazon last year.

Today, did again confirmed for myself this truism that, “if you want to do anything, you will always find a way, if you don’t want to, you will always find and have a trailer load of excuses why you can’t.”

Come rain or shine, there’s no stopping me now. I’m undaunted, the sun is rising on me.


The sun is rising on you too.