On The March Again – I


No, no, no! Not the political sing song of our mid nineties, (For those of my readers who are old enough to recall that political radio “song” advertorial of years gone bye.)

And so, January ended. Just like that. If you don’t start acting and working on your plan now, by the end of February, you’ll still be where you are. And by this time next year (God willing), or by this time so many years from now, you will wish you had started today.

Mindset, by Professor Carol Dweck is our book for last month. If you’ve not read it, I will encourage you to do so at the earliest possible. Just create time for it. You will certainly wish you had read it earlier on in your career and life’s journey. Mindset is highly recommended for every youngster, school leaver, undergraduate or NYSC you know of. Beg them, cajole them, or if you have to, “bribe them” to read it. Believe me, this book will change their lives. Those who imbibe its lessons will certainly come back to thank you for recommending Mindset to them.

A friend in our group, suggested that we all read the book – Fire and Fury last month. I suggested that we cover it together this February. On second thoughts, I felt I don’t want to be engrossed in the mostly salacious, intrigues and shenanigans of Trump’s presidency (at least for now). Fire and Fury is being saved for another day. I decided to read another more practical book. You know what, those many books (thick and thin, professional or otherwise), that you decorate your shelf with, will just stay there and gather dust if you don’t read and use them.

As for the current reading from my list, I bought this book in 2013 on one of my fortuitous trips (via Houston). I commenced reading it last just this last January. I also have it in epub format for my Moon eBook reader. With 38 chapters averaging 10 pages per chapter, one greatly appreciated beauty of the book is that the main ideas of each chapter are summarized in one or two simple sentences at the end of each chapter (for you to add to your repertoire of practical know-how). Fourteen chapters gone, twenty four more to go. I am still plugging on. No. I won’t tell you the title of the book. Not yet.

Last month Chimanmada Ngozi Adichie was reported to have picked issues with a French journalist who during an interview session with her asked to know if there were any bookshops in Nigeria. Here in Port Harcourt, there are bookshops including second hand book stores and nondescript sellers almost everywhere. For me, the number of e-books stored in my mobile phones and tablets has long outnumbered hard-copy titles on my bookshelf.

So, just don’t buy or collect those books. I implore you to participate in this lively reading group. You may never know when. So, get ready. One day some journalist may ask you which book you read last or if people ever read books in Nigeria at all. Inferring from your own participation & experience, what will your answer be?