Redefine Your Success And Thrive In 2018 (Eight Lessons from Ariana Huffington’s, Thrive)


Success: What does it mean to you? How will you know if you’ve “made it” or when you will finally “make it”? Two weeks ago, I was accompanying a friend to Enugu State. At the bus terminus while waiting for the vehicle to fill-up and take-off, I decided to glimpse at one of the “tons” of eBooks on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Which author or title should I read now? Hibernating in my glowing rectangle these past several weeks, Arianna Huffington’s Thrive came to my mind. Right from the very first page, the author opened with the main theme of her book, Thrive, by calling on us all to redefine what success means to us as individuals. What does it mean to live the good life? The author ended the introduction to her book by enunciating that our objective in life should not be just to take our place in the world, but to change the world.

These are profound and paradigm shifting thoughts and ideas. Man, you are up to some heavy stuffs here. You had better make out the time to really read it. I read few more pages and turned off my e-reader app. Of course, the phone was still on. However, most of the remaining travelling time was spent taking pictures of a handsome young man being cuddled by her mum in the row of seats immediately ahead of mine. There were four of us in the sardine packed bus. Going on at a leisurely pace, (Sorry, I’m a slow but persistent reader) I’ve since finished the book, The following are some of the lessons garnered from Arianna Huffington. The fundamental idea here is that

. According to the author, a Third Metric of success that goes beyond money and power is built on four pillars. These pillars are well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. It is very vital that we all redefine what success means. This is because, according to the author, the price we all stand to pay in terms of our health, well-being, relationships and happiness will continue to rise if we do otherwise.
Here are some of the other lessons:

  1. People who are genuinely thriving in their lives are those who have made room for well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving.
  2. Don’t be too busy that you don’t have time to live. Hyper connectivity of our digital era is often an unfulfilling version of true connection that can prevent us from being deeply connected with those closest to us including ourselves and our innermost being where wisdom is found.
  3. You don’t have to wait until the occurrence of a tragedy or death before beginning to prioritize what matters most in life. Those who fail to take necessary breaks to stop ponder and wonder may just have life pass them by before they realize it.
  4. Technology while being able to give us what we want don’t always give us what we need. Over reliance on these tools diminish our self-awareness and the ability to listen. The power technology puts at our disposal often lowers the ability of people including executives to be empathetic. We’ve all seen it or being involved in it. People using their phones to take Instagram and Facebook update shots instead of stepping out to offer help and relief.
  5. Monitor and check how healthy your relationship is to technology and the associated social tools. They can either help us to bear witness more powerfully or get more obsessively distracted. Somebody has well referred to them as “Weapons of Mass Distraction” (WMD).
  6. “So much of the time, what is standing between us and satisfaction is … us.”
  7. The cultivation of compassion and empathy. The author reminds us in the words of Dr Ervin Staub that,
  8. In our quest for the upward rise on the ladder of worldly success, it is very vital to stay connected to the essence of whom we are by taking care of ourselves along the way and also reaching out to others. While in this process, always taking breaks to; stop, ponder and wonder. Life effectively slip from those who chose to do otherwise and by the time they realize it, it’s already too late. Life is over.

Five hours later we arrived at Nsukka town. I parted with my new “for a day” friend. From there, we proceeded to the village. Our stay there was just for the night. We returned safely back to Port Harcourt the following day.
Now, over to you. How will you measure your success in 2018?

Book Title: Thrive – The Third Metric to Defining Success And Creating A Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder’
Author: ©Arianna Huffington
Publisher: Harmony Books, New York, 2014