Of Compounding Improvements = Exponential Growth

Image source: Kokorevam ©Instagram

I grabbed the above shot from Instagram courtesy of Kokorevam. (Look carefully, and you will see the © source in the graphic above) If a picture (non-photoshopped) is worth millions of words, then an (appropriate) equation could be worth millions of pictures (or nearly so).

The math in this graphic succintly  explains what happens when one takes on the challenge of regularly and consistently improving on ones’ last performance. The meaning is this,; if you deliberately decide to always do (on a regular basis) just a little bit more than what you are capable of (daily, as in this example) at the end of one year, you will be immensely better than what you were at the begining. Only one word will suffice to describe the resulting transformation. Superhuman!

Don’t say it doesn’t work. It works! The real challenge is finding the reserve of self-discipline and focus to stick to any one improvement point on a regular basis for as long as it takes to reach the next level of outstanding performance.

The corollary is also true. If you shirk the challenges and dubiously prefer to always do less than what you are capable of doing (each time time you do it), it’s just a matter of time, all your  previous skills and abilities will decay to zero. People, that is zero ability!

Following from the graphic equation, keeping on at it steadily and regularly, how many days will it take to double your capability? Just 70 days.

Agreed, the math graphic explanation is melodramatic, but it sure captures and point out the lofty heights we all potentially could reach if we individually imbibe the habit of always putting in a bit more effort into our pursuits each time.