This is 2017, “Stop Talking and Start Doing.”

Hi every one.
This is my first blog post for the year 2017.
How far did you go with your Goodreads resolution for last year? For me, I scored 76%. That is 38 out of 50 books I projected to read. Actually I did more than this. I really can’t list all the titles covered on my reading list here. But then, does that really matter? Of course what really matters is not how many books you read. How have you changed on the basis of the new knowledge and information you’ve gained? And while in your quest for knowledge,

 No, it won’t kill you instantly. It does this effectively through information overload (and its attendant “paralysis by analysis”). First it petrifies you and then “kill” you the usual way through – your failure to act, fear of failure, indecision etc, etc. Of course you need knowledge to perform and deliver results in your chosen domain, but ….

In George Eliot’s Mill on the Floss (I need to reread that favorite classic), one of the main characters, Jeremy Tulliver, consumed in part due to his pride and vindictiveness towards lawyer Wakem had this to say in one of the scenes; “The root cause of all the ills in the society is because some folks are adept at knowing everything else but what will put food on their tables.” (paraphrased). In other words, what you need is not a head full of stuffs but practical actionable knowledge.

So, I am more geared towards books that move me to action. That is acting on what I have read. I will encourage you to do the same.

In this posts, I will be sharing with you useful tips from my current reading lists. So, strictly speaking, I will not be writing exhaustive review here. Remember, the goals is actionable tid bits of knowledge.

My second book for this year hilariously stings you to, “Stop Talking and Start Doing.” Perhaps there is something you are really desirous of doing but secretly you are afraid you might not be able to do it. This book gives you another smarting prompt to give it a go. May be you have been desirous of writing a book, starting a blog, starting your own business, going back to school, doing that part time degree course, re-writing and updating your Linkedin profile etc, etc.  The time to start it is now. Enough of the talking and move into action. Start doing. start doing

This is not just another one of those books. It will move you from the realm of talking into doing. For according to the author;

“… what you should be really scared of is regret. Regretting what you might have done but never did. If you do the thing and make a mistake there’s always the opportunity to salvage things by taking a different course or more action.”

 ~~~ Sháá Wasmund, MBE