Book Review: Microsoft Project 2013 Plain & Simple

Book Review

Title: Microsoft Project Plain & Simple
Author: Ben Howard
© 2013 by Applepark Ltd
Published by Microsoft Press
ISBN: 978-0-7356-7199-7


This book is an invaluable tool for both new and experienced Project Managers who want to use Microsoft Project 2013 as their project management software.

What makes this book stand-out in comparison to other similar books is that it presents the tools and skills that new project managers need to quickly get abreast in the use of Microsoft Project software. Experienced Project Managers will also find it invaluable as it helps them to quickly set up and use the Microsoft project software. The approach use in its presentation and the colorful step-by-step guidance provided will be appreciated by new users who will find it a quick and ready hands-on reference book.

Trainers will also find it a helpful recommended book to their students as well.

There is always a place and time for more in depth coverage of any software training especially for more experienced Project Management professionals and users of project management software. Such approaches could make the learning and use of Microsoft Project software a more daunting task for new users. In my opinion, the method used by the author avoid this pitfall. It presents new users a gentle learning curve that helps them to build their experiences grounds-up before delving into more in-depth, voluminous and time demanding approach used in other texts.

This book will help you to learn and use Microsoft Project within the shortest possible time. It is highly recommended.