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“If only I knew right then, what I know right now…” This may as well be your conclusion after reading the book, Mindset. Even though we know that our minds determine to a very great extent our success or otherwise and what we ultimately become in life, how do we apply it in the daily-runs that add up to our lives total sums.

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Mindset teaches us that our human qualities, intellect and other abilities are not carved in stone and that with training and the discipline of the right mindset all of us can soar above average to heights of achievement that are higher than expected.

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No, no, no! Not the political sing song of our mid nineties, (For those of my readers who are old enough to recall that political radio “song” advertorial of years gone bye.)

And so, January 2018 ended. Just like that. If you don’t start acting and working on your plan now, by the end of February, you’ll still be where you are. And by this time next year (God willing), or by this time so many years from now, you will wish you had started today.

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Season’s greetings every one,

Christmas and the new year are just a few days away and in less than two weeks, we will all (hopefully) be heralded into the year 2018. What does success mean to you in 2018 (and beyond)? How will you know if you have made it? And what price will you be willing to pay to attain it? Do well to redefine your success and thrive in the year 2018. Click here to garner some insights from the latest copy on my reading list. (22-December-2017)


“And I said to myself further on, if only there were more of our youth who will commit themselves to mending this broken and battered nation of ours – Nigeria. Let’s commit ourselves to this goal in this year 2016 and going forward. That’s is the challenge of our times. Willy’s Challenge.” Those concluding comments of my previous blog post are as valid now as when they were first written. Click here to read the full story.

As the year is rolling by to a close, always remember that, “The beauty of life doesn’t depend on how happy you are but on how happy others can be because of you.” ~ Zero Dean. Read the story behind the picture here.



Don’t say it doesn’t work. It works! The real challenge is finding the reserve of self-discipline and focus to stick to any one improvement point on a regular basis for as long as it takes to reach the next level of outstanding performance.

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start doingTomorrow and the tomorrow of tomorrows always come earlier than we all expected. Think ahead. See ahead. Plan ahead. Click here to read this inspiring brief exhortation.


How far did you go with your Goodreads resolution for last year? For me, I scored 76%. That is 38 out of 50 books I projected to read. Actually I did more than this. I really can’t list all the titles covered on my reading list here. But then, does that really matter? Of course what really matters is not how many books you read. How have you changed on the basis of the new knowledge and information you’ve gained? ….. click here to read more.

You don’t have to agree with me on this. But read my latest post and tell me, what has “Pentecostal” got to do with 1st Ever Mr & Mrs Niger Delta Pentecostal Pageant 2016/2017″. Both in Nigeria and beyond, people has got all the rights to organize all the beauty pageants they want to organize in this world. But somebody please tell me, where is the connection between the two?

My latest book review dwells on how we can survive and thrive in these times of information overload. Click here for 12 of the strategies that will help you to survive the deluge of over information. Thank you.

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cant-blame-me-for-my-trust-issue-askideasYou think that you know those your friends, associates and colleagues as trustworthy people? Think again. In this book, the author offer guidance on how we can identify and prevent untrustworthy people from coming into our inner cycles. Read more on this subject here.



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“Wherever you go,

Wherever you be,

Do not say yes,

When you mean,

To say no.”

True leaders

These rhymes of our bygone infant days underscore the importance of knowing when to say “No” (or “Yes”) when we really mean it. My latest book review touch more on the empowerment that comes with knowing when to say “No” or “Yes” while avoiding the pitfalls of the not so middle-ground of the waffler. Read more here.


Amazing is an understatement when heaven smiles on you.


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And now to the muse:

None of us was called to bear the weight of the world on his or her shoulders. Yet, on this terrestrial plane, the little (and not so little) good we chose to do so as  to put smiles on those faces and give hope to many a forlorn heart among our throng of co-travelers will turn out to be our most indelible legacy at the end of it all. Indeed, at the end of the day, that’s all that matter most. Ripples.


(Rumuola, Port Harcourt, 2016)

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